The Channel Swimmers' Chat Group was started in the Summer of 2000, initially hosted with Smartgroups but now with Google, with the main aim of keeping swimming friends in touch with each other.  Due to the international nature of Channel Swimming there is no Club Room or Social Evening, and email has become a great way to keep in touch.   We have recently moved the service to Google.


During the winter swimmers keep up to date with everyone else's news, and during the swim season regular emails are sent out to the group letting swimmers around the world know how their friends and family are getting on with their training or actual swim.  It can be great fun to be at work and hear about the latest happenings in the Channel.


The group is an excellent way of disseminating information, and finding answers to your burning questions.  Virtually always there is a member that will be able to help or know where to find the answer.


Once you have been invited to join the group you should follow the emails that you are sent inviting you to set up a password and username.