Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation


The Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation was established in 2000 by several people that used to be active in the Channel Swimming Association.  Mike Oram is the Hon. Secretary and can be contacted through their website (links above).

The CS & PF are fully approved to ratify English Channel swims, and are registered with every official body that is required to enable them to organise Channel swims.  They ensure that all safety regulations and qualifications are met and surpassed.  If you are in any doubt that a standard is not met, they will provide you with all the evidence that you could require.

There are a couple of websites that mention the dispute between the Channel Swimming Association and it's Hon. Secretary, Duncan Taylor,  and the founding members of the CS & PF.  This website is completely neutral in this disagreement and would urge anyone that has been confused by these articles to seek the opinion of other Channel swimmers who can be contacted through this site.