Swimmer Articles

Training  --  Nutrition  --  Personal Experiences  --  The Swim  --  General


Thoughts on Training

bullet Role of Weight Training  --  Group Discussion
bulletTraining for Speed --  Mike Oram
bulletVarious thoughts on training  --  Mike Oram
bullet The 7 Commandments  --  Richard Flambard



Thoughts on Nutrition

bullet Don't Swallow the Water  --  Mike Read
bullet The Diabetic in the Channel  -- Mark Blewitt



Personal Experiences of Swimmer

bulletMark Blewitt - Manhattan Swim 1999
bullet Nick Adams - Sabac River swim in Serbia August 2002
bullet Marcia Cleveland - Catalina Swim August 2005



The Actual Swim

bulletThe Cold Water  --  Kevin Murphy
bullet Thoughts on Lightsticks and Goggles  --  Cliff Golding
bullet Thoughts about Equipment  --  Freda Streeter
bulletSupport Crews  --  Mike Oram
bullet How the slots system with pilots works  --  Mike Oram
bulletAll About Grease!!!  --  Mike Oram
bullet Visiting French Hospital in Speedos  --  Laura Lopez-Bonilla
bullet Tips and Bits for your Channel Swim  -- Cliff Golding



General Thoughts about The Channel

bullet Changes in thinking about the English Channel  --  Mike Oram