What's New??

bulletMay 2008
Photos from training in Dover Harbour
bullet15th March 2008
Photos from the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
bullet30th December 2007
Swimmers from Jersey visit La Jolla Cove
bullet26th November 2007
Photos from Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club Dinner and swim the next day
bulletNovember 2007
Photos from the day spent visiting the ponds and lidos of London
bulletOctober 2007
Photos from the End of Season Bash in France
bulletAugust 2007
Loads of photos from the Dover training and some Channel Swims
bulletMarch 2007
The Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation Dinner in Dover.  Click here for the photos
bulletNovember 2006
New "Find a Swimming Buddy" Map - COOL!!
bulletNovember 2006
Photos from London Pond Crawl  Click here for the photos
bulletJuly 2006
Photos from various 2006 Channel Swims  Click here for the photos
bulletJuly 2006
Photos from Nancy Douglas' swim  Click here for the photos
bullet30th April 06
Photos from the first weekend of Dover training.  Click here for the photos
bulletMarch 06
Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation Dinner and morning after swim.  Click here for the photos
bullet26th Nov 05
London Channel Swimmers spend a Saturday morning swimming in various open air swimming venues around the city.  Click here for the photos
bulletNov 05
Equipment list from Julian Critchlow in resources section

Some basic novice advice from Nick Adams in resource section

bulletOct 2005
Photos from the end of season bash are in the swimmer gatherings photo section
bullet2/3rd July 05
Photos from Anna Hillyer, Sakura Hingley and Steve Landells' swims are here.  You will also find photos from the Manhattan race.
bullet2/3rd July 05
Photos from FEMMES DE LA MANCHE relay and Dover Harbour training are here
bullet6th June 05
A new album for June training in Dover Harbour is created here
bullet30th May 05
Photos from Dover training on Sunday are up, look here.

More albums up in the Training Locations section, look here.  Please help out with other locations if you can.

bulletMay 05
Cliff Golding's idea is launched!  There is a new photos section: Training Locations, which will have photos of various open water training locations.  We have started with Dover Harbour and loch in Scotland.
bulletMay 05
More photos from Dover Harbour training in the 2005 Channel Album, in Personal Albums section
bulletMay 05
Photos from the first training session in Dover Harbour.
bulletOct 04
Photos from the Cap Gris Nez social trip are in the Photos section, under swimmer gatherings.
More Resources put on site under Tides and Articles
Harrow School Observer Report on site, photos of Eton vs. Harrow on site
Equipment lists for Dover and Relays put in resource area
Tim Lawrence in London pictures.

Mark Blewitt's Manhattan Island Swim ( in Resources)

Philip Scarborough's Observer's report is on site


 CS&PF Dinner PowerPoint presentation.  Right click here and choose save target, to download the 63Mb slideshow with captions we all enjoyed.