Shark Attack

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An English Channel swimmer had a ‘deep cut’ after a shark assault at Manly Beach.

After a shark attack on Sydney’s Manly Beach left him with a serious gash in his leg, paramedics say a swimmer is “very lucky” to be alive.

According to witnesses, Peter Schultz was swimming with a group at Shelly Beach before daybreak today when he suffered a leg injury, a puncture wound to his abdomen, and wounds to his back and stomach.

The well-known ocean swimmer was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital for treatment. He is a member of the Manly-based Bold and Beautiful swimming club.

Danny Lucas, who was also swimming at the beach this morning, told ABC Radio Sydney that the attack caused some misunderstanding at first.

“Our party halted about three-quarters of the way to Shelly Beach and claimed someone was calling out,” he said.

“We couldn’t see much at all.

“However, we soon discovered that our companion had managed to swim to shore and was begging for us to go because a shark had attacked him.

“He suffered stomach and back lacerations, as well as a major gash down his left leg.”

People called an ambulance after Mr. Schultz came out of the water, according to Mr. Lucas.

“The sidewalk was covered in blood.” and several people were watching him and calling for an ambulance,” says one witness. He said.

“We were conversing with him [Mr. Schultz], and he was extremely lucid and retained a decent sense of humor.”

Mr. Schultz’s injuries were not life-threatening, according to an acting inspector with NSW Ambulance.

He described him as “very fortunate.”

“We realize this could have turned out to be a lot worse.”

After examining the scars, scientists believe Mr. Shultz was attacked by a grey nurse shark, according to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment (DPI).

However, they were unable to calculate the shark’s length.

The DPI defined the severely endangered species as “usually harmless.”

Harassing, harming, or threatening grey nurse sharks is illegal.

There have been no sightings of sharks in the region, according to NSW Police.

Mr. Schultz, according to Mr. Lucas, did not see the shark.

“He just stated he felt it and then waited a few seconds to see if it would return,” he explained.

“We swam a little faster than we usually do.”

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