The Channel

The Channel (French: La Manche) or Anglisky Canal (English: English Channel) is a channel to the Atlantsky Ocean from the Ocean of which one islet of Great Britain from northern France and the second Atlantic from the Ocean from the Severnoto Sea. The length is about 563 km, and it is about 240 km wide. Doverskiot Protok is on business on the canal, which is 34 km wide (from Dover to 'rtot Gri Ne) and now on the source of business for preminot. During the time of the Roman Kingdom, preminot was called Oceanus Britannicus, and until 1549, the "British Sea".

 The channel otsekogash beat naturally oddbrana one over the backs of the attack, between each other and one of Napoleon I and Germany for the time on the Second World War. Praku Channel se odvyale over the course of invasion (Roman masters in Britannia, Norman masters and landing in Normandy).

Canalot of tiles, cut in length from about 120 m to the widest range of up to 45 m between Dover and Calais. Kanalskite Ostrovi se naoѓaat in the narrow, blisky to the French, from the brig. In 1994, under the Channel, a fossil of a zheleznichki tunnel was 50 kilometers long, and it was secondarily from a zheleznichki tunnel into the light. Ovoј tunnel, called "Eurotunel", go to Cheriton in England and Calais in France, and take them right down to the bottom of it just to relate London - Paris - Bricele.


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